Lamistal glass

Formed by combining two or more layers of glass bonded together with an foil, they provide increased mechanical properties as well as improved sound insulation. The role of the foil is to retain glass fragments in case of breakage, thus eliminating the risk of injuries.

By combining different types of glass, various visual and insulation effects (energy and sound) can be achieved.

How to determine the configuration of lamistal glass?

Lamistal glass is categorized based on color, thickness, and acoustic properties. It finds application in manufacturing ISO glass, as well as in facade and interior glass, especially in scenarios demanding sound insulation.

We utilize transparent, opal/matte, non-transparent black lamistals, as well as tinted black, brown, green, and blue.

For improved acoustic properties, we employ LamiGlass Acoustic, Stratophone, SoundControl, SoundReduction…

The standard thickness ranges from 6 to 20 mm.

It is used for: windows, doors, railings, facades, fixed walls, and roofs.