Low-E glass

Low-E glass refers to a type of glass with low emissivity. It radiates less energy, allowing for reduced heat transfer. The manufacturing process involves the application of an extremely thin metal layer onto the glass surface. The purpose of that layer is to act as a sort of filter for energy of different wavelengths. Low-E glass reflects longer wavelengths (heat) while allowing shorter wavelengths (light) to pass through. This means that it provides protection against heat loss without significantly compromising transparency. As such, it is exclusively used in combination with other types of glass for the production of ISO glass.

The standard thicknesses are: 4, 6, and 8 mm, while other thicknesses are available upon request.

It is used for: windows, doors, and facades.

We use ClimaGuard, ClimaGuard Solar (or LowE 4S), and Guardian Sun.